Farmer’s Market Seltzer Making Kit

Farmer’s Market Seltzer Making Kit Price: $439.95 (as of 17/03/2023 19:55 PST- Details)


Use this highly portable, environmentally responsible kit to make seltzer, sparkling water at Farmer’s Markets. Includes a three (3) gallon motorless carbonator. Dual gauge high pressure gas regulator (not an inexpensive beer regulator like you see in competitor knock-off products).. High pressure braided beverage and gas lines. Hand held trigger squeeze valve. Fill your tank locally. Kit tank shipped empty Practice with syrups before hitting the market. Wrench included to quickly swap out your empty CO2 tank for full tank. Wrench hangs from the tank so you’ll never have to be searching for your wrench! You can also use this kit to convert your beer kegerator to dispense seltzer. Call with questions: 973-512-2028