Nemco 8475 Rethermalization Drawer

Nemco 8475 Rethermalization Drawer Price: $825.84 (as of 17/03/2023 19:42 PST- Details)



Keep up with demand in those pressure-cooker, high-volume traffic situations that send your Roller Grill into hyperdrive. Place this smart, compact retherm drawer right under your grill, so you can heat your roller grill items for immediate sale and take away the �grill in process� tags. Two adjustable bimetallic thermostats and a 0-60 minute timer work together to create an automatic cook-and-hold cycle. Stainless steel construction and easy-cleaning features promote service life. Roller Grill must have 4-inch legs for the retherm drawer to fit under grill. Stands are available for Roller Grills without 4-inch legs.